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Demi the Demoness MOVIE!

Yes it's finally happened! Demi the Demoness movie is a piece of comic history. Almost NO live action x-rated movies have been made in the US based on an x-rated comic. But odds are you don't care about that. You want to know who's in it, when is it coming out and is it cool. funny and sexy?

Here's the basics...
The movie stars Ellie Idol as Demi the Demoness,
Sinn Sage as Vampirooni and Audrey Elson as Lyssa the Witch. Soon we'll be adding links to photo galleries and other sites on the web that highlight these gals. The casting of these 3 was perfect and they couldn't have done a better job at playing the characters from the comics. It's really something to see them moving around and interacting with each other as Demi, Vampirooni & Lyssa.

Reviewers think its great! AdultDVDtalk gives it 5 stars & Comic Buyers Guide gives it a "Thunbs up!"

To get it now - go to the DemiDemonessMovie website to see exclusive photos and info!

Demi now has her own MySpace Page!
Any fan of Demi knows she loves to meet new & interesting people everywhere she goes, so once she heard about MySpace from some of here fans, she wanted her own place to visit and chat with all her friends and fans. So take a visit, and find out how tall Demi is, what her favorite hobbies are read her blog & see her slide show. You don't even have to be a member to see most of her DemiMySpace page.



Demi is now computer animated! Check out the NEW animated trailer to Demi's next cool project as she gets computer animated. TO make it even MORE cool, ELLIE IDOL returns as the voice of Demi!!! She was so good at playing Demi in the ,ovie, we just HAd to get here for the animated version.. Click the picture to see the 30 second teaser trailer. This complete animation will appear on a new Demi dvd that includes other Demi and short films incuding Ellie Idol's "Getting a a up in Porn & Vampirooni at WonderCon...

MORE Downloadable Carnal Comics online at Drive thru comics!

Jenna Download
Ever wish you could read Demi & Carnal Comics in Full Color? Don't want to wait for your book to be shipped? In a new program with, your wish has come true! Carnal has just made Jenna Jameson's Wicked Weapon available online and in FULL COLOR. This comic is unavailable anywhere in full-color except at the Drivethru site. The PDF formatted comic can be yours for only $1.99 See a FREE Preview - Check it out NOW!

More Carnal Comics will be made available soon, Including a many of the Demi comics and other out-of-print Comics from the Carnal line. Ans some excluse e-comix. Check it out!

New Carnal Comics Blog online!

Yes we have a blog, though it needs to be updated. We'll get going on that in the near future. so you can find out the latest news. Meanwhile see some of the interviews and news that is there right now.
More to come...

Carnal has a lot of things in
the works so we figured it's about time to clue the rest
of you in on some of the
things we are planning.

Remember, these are things
we are thinking about doing - it doesn't mean we will do them.

PORN STARS: People keep asking who are next True Stories of Adult Film Stars books will be about. Right
now we are working on
Scripts for Inari Vachs ,
Trisha Devereux
& a Kylie Ireland update. As these
get closer to being done,
we'll keep you posted...

  Many people who enjoyed Carnal Comics the Inside
Story wished that the pictures
of the covers and porn stars
had been in color.  We also
had about 100 other pictures (almost all have never been published) that we didn't have room for.  So we are thinking about making all that available on CD.  We are also thinking about doing that with the full-color OUI Demi comic pages and the various images we
have of some of the gals who have posed as Demi over the last few years.  What do you guys think?  Would you be interested in something
like that?  Let us know.

RIght now, our convention schedule is still being
finalized, but here is what
we know so far..

COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL: July giant San Diego 2012 Convention Center. so be sure to stop by see who's there!

Phoenix Comic Con
More convention news soon. That's all the news for now. Be sure to check out the rest of Demi's official website if you haven't already.

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