Top adult comic artists in Demi's Pin-up Diary

What if some of the best-known adult comic artists went to hell and drew a typical day in the life of Hell’s cutest Demoness? This amazing book is packed with art & stories by a virtual who’s who of x-rated creators, all doing pieces that follow Demi as she eats, sleeps and sexes her way through 24 hours in Hell. The book is written by Demi in her own words as she tells her story and comments on the art & artists. Includes gorgeous Demi art by Kevin Taylor, Frank Brunner, Barry Blair, Tim & Joe Vigil, Larry Welz, Phil Foglio, Mark Bode, Donna Barr, Rebecca, Terrie Smith, Philo, SS Crompton, Kieron Dwyer, Larry Todd, Spain, Guy Colwell, RC Harvey, Terrie Smith, Steve Martin, Joshua Quagmire, Taral Wayne & many others! This is the biggest collection of x-rated & underground comic artists ever assembled in one book!
96 pages, BW $15.95

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If you are any sort of Demi fan or a fan of any of the artists listed above, this book is a must-have item. Amazing art, a unique story & all in Demi's own words!

Side - 1 of 3 pieces that Tim Vigil did for Demi's Pin-up Diary

Below - 2 actual pages from the book
Art by Perry Lake, TIM & full page pin-up by Love Gun artist Ken Hunt!

PIN-Up Flyer



PAges from the book



I have to give 'Demi Pin-Up Diary' a big two thumbs up. The way you placed the art and story is great! It seems to me the story line is made up of little short tales (or tails in the case of Demi). I particularly liked "The Great Tentacle Hunt," "We find a ruined old Ruin...," and "Where's My Armadillo?!!" All the art work picked for the book is outstanding. Your piece on pg. 68 of the old style comic cover took me back to my 'younger days' when I read those good old comics. Tim Vigil's pieces shows a different, if not darkly sensual side. Yet I was captivated by Terri Smith's work on pg. 79. A book like this just makes me look forward to the next Demi project! - Keep up the good work! -- Robert Kassebaum

The pinup comic is one of the all-time great browse books! I pick it up and thumb thru a few pages every time I take a break, several times a day. It's impressive how consistently all the pages hang together, despite the disparate art styles - a testament to the thoughtful and skilled production work. - JAS

A lot of cool stuff in there. Brunners pencil drawing is amazing, which is what I expect from him. I like Larry Welz and Guy Cowells, a lot of the foriegn artists...and esp. the one you and Randy did of Demi in the diner with all the Hieoglyphics -that is one of my favorites. An excellent book overall, way more to read and better thought out than most 'pin-up' books. I will have no trouble recommending this book to anyone who asks! - Naylor

Thanks for the book Steve, I just read it. Hats off to you, well done! You crafted it into something very unique. Your art really stood out as some of the better art even next to the bigger names. - Ryan Alonzo



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