The Twisted West.
It was a place of lust and horror. A mutilated echo of our past.
Out of this twisted west she came, a six-gun angel of vengeance.

Her past is a mystery, her true nature unknown. But Djustine seems fated to suffer and to save those she comes across.

Some say she is the ghost of a vengeful gunslinger. Some think she is just a woman scorned. A few even say she is a force of nature.

These stories, originally published in Italy, can now be told for the first time in America.

Get the 1st issue & decide for yourself who or what Djustine is.

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Djustine & Consuelo

DJUSTINE: This issue is devoted to the Italian-created S&M/porno Western character Djustine, who makes the jump from digest-size zine (Don’t worry, Djustine writer Enrico Teodorani hasn’t sold out or gone, um, soft. The title retains its good ol’ raunchy fun.) These guy-fantasy vignettes are wonderfully and erotically illustrated and accomplish their purpose – to make you horny! Seriously, it’s hardcore porn and if that’s your pleasure, you should check out this book. It’s one of the best X-rated comics out there'.
Matt Dembicki
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Djustine vs Hella

Djustine vs Hella

U.S. Comic List

Djustine #1
Djustine: Tales of the
Twisted West #1
A bizarre, supernatural & sexual vision of the old west, written and drawn as only the Italians can!  This X-rated spaghetti western stars Djustine, a mysterious avenger of wrongs and giver of pain & delight.  She travels the west, fighting zombies, supernatural sex perverts and her nemesis Diabla.  What are Djustine's  powers? How does she survive the sexual tortures laid upon her? Find out some of the answers in this first pistol packin' issue!  Written by Enrico Teodorani, with an amazing penciled pin-up by Frank Brunner! 48 pags, B&W  $5.95 

Djustine 2
Djustine: Tales of the
Twisted West #2

Djustine must face the return of her greatest foe, Diabla. This time Diabla has sent a vampiress, bizarre Hellish creatures and other kinky foes to stop the vengeful Djustine from tracking down Diabla. Can Djustine run this sexual gaunlet and keep her sanity? This issue has new stories that have not been published yet in Italy!  This time the sex is kinkier and the art is wilder! Reg cover or Limited Edition Nude cover. 48 pg...$5.95
DJustine #3 by Joe Vigil
Djustine: Tales of the
Twisted West #3

by Teodorani, Joe Vigil, Mike Hoffman & others. In this issue of the supernatural sex western, Djustine's lover Consuelo is kidanapped by Diabla as revenge. Djustine must track them down and face, werewolves, vampires, weirdos and demons who want to rape & kill our heroine! most of the art in this issue is by legendary Joe Vigil. 48 pages, b&w interiors, $5.95 This is the Nude cover - by Joe Vigil.
48 pg...$5.95


Demi's Strange Bedfellows #4
The Western sex & horror issue,
While seeking a crystal skull, Demi teams up with D'justine for lovin' cowboy & indian style! Vampirooni goes whorin' in San Francisco in the 1880's! Wheng-li has Bigfoot's love child! Plus 3 more new Djustine stories from Italy! Limited to 500 copies. Reg cover or Limited Edition Nude cover. 48 pages $5.95

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