Lots of different characters have done crossovers with Demi. From actual adult film stars like Tracey Adams to toon world denizens like Mauvette the Bestest Bunny. Here's the inside scoop on Shaundra, who crossed over with Demi in (the sold out) Demi & Shaundra #1. In the center of this page is the cover for the latest Shaundra book which Carnal recently released. Meanwhile here's some more info and pictures of Shaundra!

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AN INTRO - by Shaundra
Hi, my name is Shaundra and I live on a world called Kronus in the city of Califan. Here in Califan we have the latest in technology. You know, horse drawn carts, alleys for throwing sewage, 8 hour long lasting candles, you name it. Hey, I've even heard that the local black smith has recently come up with a new metal called 'steel'.

But enough about where I come from. Let's talk about something more interesting, namely, me. If you define someone by the type of work they do, I guess I'd be considered a 'sword for hire'. Yes I'm good with a blade and I'm not afraid to use it but that's not all I can do. I also 'find things' for people. You know, whatever. Lost family heirlooms. Odd bits of enchanted junk. Books on forgotten lore. You name it. Unfortunately, sometimes the things I find belong to someone or some thing else. That's where my sword comes in.

Recently I was in a bar minding my own business when this little wizard (who I didn't know was a wizard at the time) starts to pester me. Well I wasn't in the mood to be pestered so I booted him out of the bar on his little fat ass. Now before I continue I just gotta tell you that I normally try to avoid making contact with anything or especially anyone of a magical nature (unless I'm getting paid for it that is) and pretty soon you'll see why. So the little freak comes back into the bar all pissed off and he raises his crystal staff into the air and that's basically all I remember. Mages, you can't trust the fuckers. Anyway I wake up from being blasted and after my head clears I decided to chalk it up to one of life's crappy little lessons. That is until the next day.

There I was laying in bed and having this really wild dream when I suddenly woke up. I knew right away that something was different about me. Something had changed. I remember just laying there doing a mental check of every sensation I was having and in the end I came up with an extra something and that something was between my legs.

I ripped off my covers to see just what it could be and my eyes almost popped right out of my head. That little fucker cursed me with a cock! And not just a regular cock but a really big fat juicy cock. I mean it was HUGE with a capital HU.

I gave myself a through going over and luckily he hadn't taken anything away. Thank the Gods I still had my pussy!

Of course the first thing that comes to my mind is revenge. Well, ok it's the second thing. But right after the first thing I get out of bed and start thinking about the second thing. Revenge. Sweet revenge. I just knew I had to hunt that little creep down and make him undo the spell he put on me. So I grabbed my sword and set out to do just that. Gods what a fucked up trip that became. It's all right there in my books in black and white.

Read it and then tell me what you would have done.
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Strange Bedfellows1

Shaundra More Sex Swords & Sorcery 1

Tentacle Love - An all new comic starring "the thinking man's nymphomaniac" Isobel Wren. The art has been draw and digitally painted by Shaundra creator Philo! We have 3 bonus pages on our site you can look out at to see just how cool tis art is! Adults only. This book is a co-production of Pickle Press & Carnal Comics

Tentacle Love #1


Shaundra & Vysette

Comic List

Strange Bedfellows #1

Strange Bedfellows #3

Shaundra: More Swords, Sex & Sorcery #1 Nude or Reg. coverYou've seen Shaundra in Strange Bedfellows & on the pages of Eros Comics. Now Carnal Comics releases this new 64 page graphic novel containing 2 great Shaundra stories. In the first story Shaundra and Max are hauled before the evil king Vison for stealing 2
of his horses. Will they meet their maker? Doubtful. Will they haveextemely kinky sex? ABSOLUTELY! In the second never-before-published story there is a new and extremely sexy woman in town turning all the boys and girls heads. Especially Shaundra's! 64 pgs - $9.95

Shaundra Graphic Novel
Savage She-Male graphic novel
Published by Fantagraphics/EROS. In this ALL NEW 120 page graphic novel of 5 stand alone stories Shaundra goes from one wild sexual adventure to another.. Along the way she encounters giants, sirens, centaurs, satyrs, lusty demons, creepy monsters, an elven dominatrix and even a certain raven haired warrior princess from the ancient land of Tee Vee. Some of the best art and stories of the entire series. 120 pages, black and white interior (including a pin-up section) with a front and back color cover. $15.95

Demi & Shaundra 1
Demi Meets Shaundra #1
Published by Rip Off Press. Demi the Demoness along with her good friend Vysette Versa get summoned to the medieval world of Kronus (Shaundra's dimension) for a mysteriously evil purpose. Can Shaundra put aside her hatred of all demon kind long enough to help Demi and Vysette out of a very nasty situation' In this unique issue you will see the combined artistic talents of Demi creator Steve Crompton and Shaundra creator Philo put to the test. One of the wettest and wildest of the entire series. SOLD OUT

Tales of Shaundra, Swords, Sex and Sorcery issue #1.
Published by Rip Off Press. Shaundra pisses off the wrong wizard and ends up with a new appendage for her trouble! Hot sex and hilarity ensue.

Tales of Shaundra, Swords, Sex and Sorcery graphic novel
Published by Rip Off Press. This 5 issue graphic novel (including issue #1) tells how Shaundra got her rather large groinal protuberance and the long road she has to travel to avenge her femininity. A LOT more laughs and a veritable smorgasbord of sex. OUT OF PRINT

Shaundra Slave to Pleasure #1. Published by Fantagraphics/EROS. This issue begins where the first Graphic novel ends. Shaundra is convicted of horse thievery and sentenced to the Headsman's ax. Meanwhile the royal family is embroiled with arcane plots and twisted kinkiness of their own. Will Shaundra survive to fuck again' Probably. Will there be outrageous sex scenes that SOLD OUT

Shaundra Slave to Pleasure #2. Published by Fantagraphics/EROS. Religious zealots capture Shaundra and prepare to sacrifice her to their god, Herrhym. Can Shaundra escape death once again or will she become a nosh for a forgotten god' Steamy, steamy, STEAMY!!! 24 pages, black and white interior with a color cover. $3.25

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