She's a 3000 year old Vampire who loves to party. She lives just north of San Francisco in a big spooky house near Piemont Cemetary with some of her other kooky friends.

She's a lot of sexy fun and one of Demi's bestest bed-buddies and soon Vampirooni & Demi will be teaming up in a 48 page crossover special.

Meanwhile, you can read Vampiroonis' adventures in any of the Demi's Strange Bedfellows books. Issue 2 has the longest story at 10 pages and chronicles the first meeting if Demi & Vampirooni.
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Regular Cover...Demi Vampirooni 1

Or "Lust Ghouls Cover...
Demi Vampirooni 1 Alt Cover

Rooni Sleeps

Pillow Talk ...

Vampirooni: mmmm. . .
Demi:  Woo that did me in. . . Do you mind if I crash here tonight?

Vampirooni: Heck no Demi.  It’s almost sunrise anyway. Light’s out for me.

Vamproonii: Pleasant dreams Demi. . .
Demi: Nite, nite Vampirooni.



Here is an exclusive photo of Sinn Sage as Vampirooni.
This is from the upcoming Demi the Demoness Movie!
Yes It's true Demi the Demoness has a Movie coming out this May
and Vampirooni co-stars!

Demi & Rooni

Rooni Sex

Looks like Vampirooni & Demi are at the end!

Comic List

Bedfellows 1
Demi's Strange Bedfellows #1
This issue has a full page pin-up of Vampirooni & Demi on the inside back cover. 48 pages $5.95

Bedfellows 2
Demi's Strange Bedfellows #2
Contains the 10 page Demi Vampirooni crossover story. Funny, sexy and cute! 48 pages $5.95
Bedfellows 3
Demi's Strange Bedfellows #3
The Sci-Fi horror issue,
Vampirooni has a 2 page story that takes place 300 years in the future . 48 pages $5.95

Bedfellows 4
Demi's Strange Bedfellows #4 The Western sex & horror issue,
Vampirooni goes whorin' in San Francisco in the 1880's! . Reg cover or Limited Edition Nude cover. 48 pages $5.95

Contains the first appearence of Vampirooni a 4 page story by Randy Vogel.


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