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Carnal Comics is the publisher of the Demi the Demoness regular series and numerous other specials & some crossovers, but Carnal is mainly known for publishing a long line of X-rated Porn Star biography and fantasy comics. This is the ONLY place on the internet where you can order EVERY Carnal Comic and Demi that is currently in print.

Carnal Comics is one of the better known Adult comic publishers & has been publishing comics since 1992. Over a hundred different titles have been published, most co-created with various stars and directors of adult feature films. Carnal Comics gives you the whole real illustrated story in their own words, along with their own fantasy story. Jay Allen Sanford was the driving force behind Carnal Comics and he created the concept of authorized x-rated bio comics. SS Crompton is the current publisher of Carnal and he is the creator of Demi the Demoness.

Whether you're a long time fan or a causal web surfer, we're sure you'll find something here worth your visit. Plus, no pop-up windows or annoying cookies - we promise!

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It's all meant to give you a sample of what our books are like. Some of it is cute, some of it is sexy and some of it is really HARDCORE! There is also a complete listing of all Demi & Carnal books for sale, details on Demi's friends, foes & fans, the latest news, info about Demi's artist - S.S. Crompton, a Carnal Comics page and a few surprises. . .

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Demi vs The Nazi Witch Whores #1 (a Demi movie tie -in), The re-issueof Demi HardCore #2, Roxy Ryder in Chopped Sake #1 Plus Carnal e-comics.

Did You know Demi Ran in OUI Magazine!
A Full-color strip ran for over 2 years
Yes it's true, Demi had a regular 3 page, full color strip in OUI Magazine, one of the best known adult magazines out there. The strip follows the original adventures of Demi, but with some new art, new dialogue and all-amazing computer color. If you like the look of the Demi covers, you'll love the story as you read it in full glorious color! All the changes and coloring were made by series creator & artist S.S. Crompton. We do not have any OUI back issues available from this website, but you should keep an eye out for any of those issues. Besides having the Demi strip, OUI has all these great pictures of naked women and articles too!

Here's a list of all the OUI issues Demi appeared in for you bibliophiles. OUI: May 96, July-Dec. 96, Jan. 97 - Sept 98. The series ended with the Sept. 98 issue. Most of these issues are available in our Catalog for $5 each

Demi’s appearances in OUI Magazine are a retelling of the first two issues of Demi. Using some new art & new dialog. They are computer painted and broken into 2 & 3 page episodes. You can see some of these pages in our comix gallery.

Well that's all the news for now. Be sure to check out the rest of Demi's official website if you haven't already.

Carnal & Demi

Get the complete, behind-the-scenes story of our company, Porn Stars & creators who we worked with in Carnal Comics: the Inside Story. 56 pages B&W $5.95.

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  • Outside the U.S. Publishers - Demi would be a cute comic in Italian, French or Japanese, so drop us an e-mail if you are interested in acquiring foreign rights to publish Demi. (We're easy to work with!)
  • Animation Producers - Don't you think a Demi animated movie (or computer game) would be ultra cool? Let's make a deal! (Anyone in Japan listening?)

Drop the publisher an e-mail at: S.S. Crompton

This site is for adults 18 or older who are interested in seeing x-rated, eroitc art and adult comics. Please do not proceed any further if you are a minor or are easily offended.
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So Who the HELL is Demi the Demoness?

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She's Hell's cutest Demoness, raised away from most other demons and never exposed to the evil that demons usually do. She's cute, friendly, trusting and loving.

In her various adventures, she meets a great cast of strange and wonderful characters that - well you just have to meet them. The story is sort of a cross between the Wizard of Oz, Dante's Inferno and the Kama Sutra. It's an epic fantasy tale except that Demi's magic involves love and sex. It's hard to explain, but there's something about the Demi story that's more than just an "X-rated comic." It feels like the comics they used to make: quaint, fun, and with a certain innocence. How it manages to be innocent and "pornographic" at the same time is a mystery you'll have to unravel.

Where does one see Demi the Demoness? - Demi has her own comic book series published by Carnal Comics & Eros Comix, appeared in OUI magazine as a full-color comic strip, has a graphic novel and has been a co-star in over dozen other comics. Demi is even the star of a set of 36 full color trading cards and had her own resin model kit. So she's been around and has a BUNCH of fans! Who knows? Maybe you'll become a Demi devotee too!
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